American Blend Peach Pipe Tobacco Review

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American Blend Peach Pipe Tobacco

On opening my new 12gms pouch of American Blend Peach pipe tobacco I’m hit by a pleasant mix of expensive chocolates and peach liqueur. The scent is not dissimilar to that of entering a Lush Cosmetics store (albeit less intense). Very slightly artificial but I think it compliments the tobacco well.

Dark in appearance and coarsely cut, it packed well into my greedy briar. It burned well and stayed lit without relights however when reaching the bottom of the bowl gurgled slightly and left a small puddle. Successive bowls produced a small amount of gurgle and puddles regardless of how intensely the bowl was puffed. This however was at the very end of the bowls and didn’t effect my enjoyment of the tobacco.

The peach was apparent even though on my first bowl my pipe was slightly ghosted by an earlier bowl of Clan Aromatic. Successive bowls brought through the intensity of the peach. Enthusiastic puffing did result in a bit of tongue bite, but this was at the very end of the bowl. The taste developed over the course of the bowl with the peach becoming less intense as the tobacco diminished in the pipe.

Overall Rating
Overall I give American Blend Peach pipe tobacco a 4 out of 5. Trial and error will tell if you can avoid the puddle at the end of the bowl and as such may not be the best choice for beginners. If starting on this tobacco use a dedicated pipe and take it S-L-O-W.

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